Introducing Waterbear Cloud

By Kevin Teague
Published on Jun 06, 2019

Managed AWS infrastructure in a fraction of the time and cost of hiring a cloud team.

Creating environments in the cloud can be a time consuming and expensive process. Building AWS infrastructure requires architecting and implementing secure networks and environments, setting up CI/CD pipelines, deploying agents to monitor health and performance, aggregating logs, managing backups and disaster recovery, and configuring VPN or SSH connectivity.

Your cloud orchestration solution is the code responsible for not only implementing and integrating these services, it should also have the ability to clone infrastructure for maintaining consistency across application environments for development, staging, and production without duplicating code. Alternatively, high-level, pre-built cloud platforms such as Heroku, EngineYard, DigitalOcean, and AWS Amplify exist; however, these services may not have the flexibility and control needed to meet your specific IT requirements.

Today we are launching Waterbear Cloud as a brand new alternative to existing cloud management solutions. Drawing upon our experience building infrastructure projects, we’ve addressed the repetitive toil and error-prone nature of orchestration solutions by developing the Waterbear Cloud platform. By creating a set of tools that compose infrastructure using a high-level configuration system, we are able to rapidly build well-tested, best practice AWS environments.

We are excited to offer our Infrastructure-as-Code-as-a-Service (IaCaaS) through Waterbear Cloud as an improvement on existing solutions in every aspect: better, faster, and cheaper.Learn more about our offering by reading How it Works and exploring our Pricing packages. Keep up to date on the cloud management revolution by following us on the Waterbear Cloud blog, or our TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram accounts.