Our Reasons for Attending AWSome Day Vancouver as Non-Engineer Founders

By Adam O'Neill
Published on Sep 25, 2019

At The Vancouver DevOps Meet-up this month, Chris Falk of Buyatab gave a great talk: Necessary Ingredients for DevSecOps Transformation. One of his points particularly hit home with us (Kyle Chang and Adam O’Neill). Chris said, “30 years ago most tech start-up founders were engineers, now less than half have technical backgrounds.” When we heard this, we gave each other a look of understanding. Chris had just described the makeup of Waterbear Cloud’s founder team; the two of us are NOT engineers. Our comfort level instantly increased, and we went on to expand our knowledge of DevOps, meet some amazing people in the community, and get some feedback about our tool and offering. We were chuffed.

Now a few weeks later, the two of us are heading off to AWSome Day Vancouver, another event whose target participants are engineers. We’re confident that it’s actually a perfect conference for those who want to better grasp the concepts of cloud, meet amazing community members, and help to advance business transformations. Think of it as an adoption of technology by PEOPLE conference, engineering chops optional;-)

Here are our reasons to attend AWSome Day as non-engineer founders:

1. Be a Couple of Brain Sponges

We’re hoping to soak up all of the juicy AWS Core Services lingo, best practices, and knowledge we can!

2. Meeting and Thanking in Person

We’ve had the good fortune to connect with some wonderful people at AWS who have been supporting us since the early days. We can’t wait to have the chance to meet and thank them in person. Zooms, G-Chats, and phone calls are great, but they are substitutes, not replacements, for in-person human connection.

3. Catching up with Friends

We’re pumped to see some familiar faces that we’ve met along the way at other community events like DevOps Vancouver Meet-up and the Vancouver AWS User Group.

4. Making New Connections

We’re excited to make new connections in the AWS community and hear what they’re working on, what’s driving them crazy, and what’s floating their boats.

5. Sharing What We’re Up To

We’re keen to share what we’re doing at Waterbear Cloud. We think it’s pretty cool and look forward to getting some feedback on our tool and business.

Are there other great takeaways that we should be looking forward to? Let us know on the social channel where you found this or send us an email to hello@waterbear.cloud. We’ll report back after AWSome Day to let you know how it all panned out. 

Thanks for reading and bye for now,

Kyle and Adam

Kyle Chang is an auto enthusiast who is obsessed with customers and relieving their pain points. Kyle is a founder at Waterbear Cloud and our own personal Wizard of BizDev.

Adam O’Neill is a globe trotting board game player that can’t get enough of supporting people and teams. Adam is a founder at Waterbear Cloud and COO.