Waterbear Cloud Newsletter, January 2020

By Kevin Teague
Published on Feb 01, 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter of the twenties! This month we launched not one, but two new web sites. We also added starter projects to Paco and we’re excited to tell you about Turnkey AWS with Paco.

Two new web sites

We re-launched waterbear.cloud and launched paco-cloud.io.


In December we re-wrote and re-designed our company’s main Waterbear.cloud web site. In addition to using our new logo, we had new illustrations commissioned and spent many days collaborating on the words we used to better convey how Waterbear Cloud can help manage your AWS cloud environments.


Paco, our open source cloud solution, got its own dedicated web site at paco-cloud.io. We wrote a lot of documentation for this website — from installing and getting started with Paco, to documenting (almost) all of the YAML configuration files and fields used to manage Paco projects.

Turnkey AWS with Paco

Paco allows you to define your entire cloud architecture with declarative YAML configuration. We added a feature to the Paco CLI with the command paco init project which allows you to choose a Paco starter project and then asks you a few questions about how you’d like to configure the starter project. Then Paco generates a complete ready-to-go Paco project.

We’ve created three starter projects to begin with:

  • WordPress Single-Tier: Simple all-in-one WordPress application — this is more intended for kicking the tires with a very minimal Paco project than for real-world use.
  • Managed WebApp with CI/CD: Complete real-world fully managed application. This template will get you started with a full professional Paco project — one that includes multi-account, multi-environment (dev/test/prod), a cross-account CI/CD and monitoring, alerting and centralized logging. This Paco project is for people who would like to get notified when their application deployment writes ERROR to the production logs.
  • S3 Bucket replicator: This is a simple Lambda function that replicates objects from one S3 Bucket to S3 Buckets in other regions. It also lets you protect all of the buckets with the same S3 Bucket Policy. This starter project serves to show you how to use Lambda functions, S3 Buckets and have CloudWatch alarms trigger when your Lambdas throw errors or run for too long.

We look forward to creating more starter projects and building up a library of turnkey solutions for AWS. These solutions are intended to not only be used as standalone Paco projects, but combined into your own custom Paco project. For example, you could provision a single shared Application Load Balancer in the Managed-WebApp-CiCd project and run a WordPress-Single-Tier AutoScalingGroup behind that same shared ALB. Paco is about more than pre-built solutions, but having a great deal of flexibility in how you compose your applications, networks, and environments.

Take advantage of Paco’s growth ready automation and talk to Waterbear Cloud about how we can help you reduce the time, risk, and cost of building and managing AWS environments.

Leverage our expertise and growth ready automation, so you can avoid the grunt work and get back to building your business.