Venovis Accelerates their AWS Journey with Waterbear Cloud’s Managed Services for SaaS Applications

By Kevin Lindsay
Published on Aug 24, 2020

Hello again friends. Today I am excited to take you on a journey and share the process that allows our team to quickly and securely set up AWS environments for our SaaS clients.

First, let me bring you up to speed. Our newest client, Venovis, is a group of enthusiastic technologists, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs who collectively run a digital product studio.

They decided to move over to AWS after outgrowing their managed service provider. But before finding Waterbear, they had actually attempted to start building their own AWS environment.

They quickly realized that they did not have the resources or skill set required, and that they needed a partner who could efficiently build new environments that were secure and performant. Within days of speaking to our team, Eli Hini, Venovis’s CEO and chief strategist, was on board to give us a try.

Venovis engaged Waterbear to build staging and production environments in AWS for one of their client’s SaaS applications. A deployment pipeline was added that allowed Venovis to use GitHub’s build actions to deploy docker images into the respective environment.

Using Waterbear’s growth ready automation technology, a staging environment was created with an AWS native deployment pipeline. After a decision to switch to GitHub’s build action, Waterbear was able to quickly modify the deployment to accommodate the change request. Once the staging environment was functioning, the production environment was duplicated from staging, its deployment pipeline was configured, and Waterbear was able to begin continuous support to Venvois ensuring their systems are healthy, and answering any questions they may have.

Working with Waterbear allowed Venovis to successfully deploy and host their client’s production SaaS environment with rapid go-to-market speed. Eli has expressed his confidence in Waterbear’s ability to provide reliable, secured environments without the need for expensive DevOps engineers or weeks of implementation time.

“Waterbear Cloud has been highly responsive, flexible, and delivered a rich environment with all the bells and whistles that we required. They helped not only build our environments, but investigated and debugged application runtime and deployment issues during our onboarding. I couldn’t ask for a more capable partner.” 

— Eli Hini, Founder & CEO

Venovis Inc.