Waterbear Cloud Joins the Amazon Partner Network as a Select Tier Partner

By Kevin Lindsay
Published on Sep 24, 2020

By investing in their automation technology and then harnessing its power to help customers reach goals on AWS, Waterbear Cloud establishes its AWS proficiency and thought leadership.

“Our focus on building automation to accelerate AWS adoption has allowed us to achieve APN Select Tier within our first year of operation”

— Kevin Lindsay, Waterbear Cloud CEO


Waterbear.cloud, AWS Flexible Automation, SaaS and IoT Environment Experts, announced today it has joined the Amazon Partner Network (APN) as a Select Partner, validating its commitment to using Paco to help SMB customers succeed on AWS.

To earn admittance into APN as a Select Partner, potential partners need to meet a number of criteria, including:

  • Number of employees to ensure capacity to help clients in a timely manner;
  • That both the business and technical staff are AWS certified; and
  • That they’ve demonstrated excellent customer service and AWS knowledge by having a number of positive reviews submitted for completed projects.

By joining the APN as a Select Partner, Waterbear Cloud has established a commitment to ongoing education in both the business and technology vectors of AWS’ business.

Waterbear Cloud is an AWS managed service solution provider focused on accelerating small and medium sized SaaS companies’ AWS adoption. Using automation technology, best practice production environments are provisioned in days, with a team to manage the ongoing day-to-day operational tasks, allowing customers to focus on rapid development of their products and services.

“Our focus on building automation technology to accelerate AWS adoption has allowed us to achieve APN Select Tier within our first year of operation.” remarked Kevin Lindsay, Waterbear Cloud CEO. “We exist to help our customers reach their dreams in the cloud and are humbled that our certified reviews are all glowing, with 10/10 ratings.”

The Amazon Partner Network exists to help partners strengthen their ability to help customers achieve goals through harnessing AWS’ awesome technology. APN knows that when a customer is helped and guided by a Select Partner like Waterbear Cloud, everybody has better business outcomes.

“Our partner ecosystem is not somehow like a side project with a very small amount of our total business,” AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in the run up to Re:Invent 2019, “Really from the very start of AWS, but particularly so in the last five years, [it] has continued to become a very significant part of our AWS business, and it’s super strategic and important to us.”

Kyle Chang, Waterbear’s VP Sales and Partnerships stated, “Moving forward as a Select Partner in the APN, I’m most excited to work closely with our AWS Partner Development Representatives to utilize powerful APN programs such as the APN Marketing Development Funds and Partner Showcases.”

Waterbear Cloud was founded in 2019 with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Since the beginning, our philosophy of solving complex problems with flexible automation has guided us forward. We focus on enabling SMBs achieve their business goals seamlessly on the back of our cloud automation in the AWS ecosystem. We support our customers from project ideation, through implementation, and into the future with our managed services.

Kevin Lindsay

CEO of Waterbear Cloud