Our Story

Feeling the pain

Waterbear Cloud was created to ease the pain of building and managing cloud environments. As solution architects, software developers, and systems engineers building cloud infrastructure for everyone from small service companies to large enterprises, we found that the available cloud tools at the time lacked any kind of prescriptive support for building environments with best practice architectures and processes… so we set out to build one.

Innovating Tech

Paco: Prescribed Automation for Cloud Orchestration

Paco’s magic is in it’s ability to automate the glue work required to connect AWS resources into functional environments. It’s been our experience that up to 80% of our time can be spent repeating the same configuration processes for each resource. Paco’s glue automation takes away the error-prone manual toil and instead provisions resources consistently and quickly.

Offering a Service

We use Paco to build and manage SaaS environments in your private AWS cloud in one business week.

We build it, you use it.

Minding the Heroku Gap

If your bill is greater than $2k per month, you might want to take a look at Waterbear’s managed AWS SaaS environments.

As a growing SaaS business, Heroku may have offered an inexpensive way to get started, but it quickly gets fairly costly as you scale up. Moving into the public cloud has many advantages, but it can take a team of people, and a lot of time and money to do it right.

Using Paco, not only can we offer fast go-to-market implementations with a high amount of architecture flexibility, you will also save money.

Our Team

We are a small team of highly experienced software engineers and systems administrators excited to help business take full advantage of the cloud.

Kevin Lindsay (profile pic)

CEO & Cloud Engineer

Kevin Teague (profile pic)

CTO & Cloud Engineer

Adam O’Neill (profile pic)

COO & Account Manager