Managed AWS Hosting Solutions for SaaS

Managed AWS Hosting
Solutions for SaaS

Launch Applications Fearlessly in Just Hours

Launch Applications
Fearlessly in
Just Hours

Get a complete, automated AWS cloud solution that lets you launch cloud app environments in hours, not weeks, and a team to help you grow.

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Don’t Get Bogged Down with Hosting

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Hosting

If you feel like you’re spending way too much time and resources getting apps to market, you’re not alone. A lack of consistency with AWS engineers and infrastructure is the #1 reason we see promising SaaS startups falter and get stuck. We know… we’ve been there!

As a SaaS Development Studio, you should be focused on creating great applications that make their mark on the world, not getting bogged down by the limitations of your hosting environments.

This is why we built PACO, a pre-tested, secure cloud solution that automates your cloud infrastructure and helps you avoid the doubt and uncertainty of launching apps to the world and praying that they don’t get hacked or overloaded.

Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

No more infrastructure limitations

Growth-ready cloud automation gives you an AWS best-practices infrastructure that is secure, flexible and scalable. All in less than 5 days.

No More Redoing Work

We automate all of the complicated work out of the picture and turn your AWS hosting into a pre-built black box. No more redoing the work of every new AWS engineer you hire.

Zero Downtime

Add and scale your infrastructure without having to redo and re-architect from the ground up. CI/CD Pipelines give you automated deployments with zero downtime.
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We Know The Cloud, and Decided To Change It

We Know The Cloud, and Decided To Change It

Who we are

At Waterbear Cloud, we’re a team of software developers who’ve been in the industry for over 25 years working with small to large enterprise businesses with performance and security needs, with 5 years of real world AWS experience.

Our Solution

We’ve seen how one consultant’s way of doing things makes it 10x more difficult for the next person. It used to take weeks to implement environments and it frustrated the heck out of us! So we built PACO, an automated cloud solution that eliminates all of that unnecessary work.

Startup at heart

At our core, we are ‘startup people’. We are passionate about helping other startup SaaS companies accelerate their journey with automation. And just like you, we love building tech that helps change and improve people’s lives.

Your AWS Launch Plan

Your AWS
Launch Plan

We keep things simple and ensure that you’re getting a pre-tested solution
that will work out of the box without limitations.


Discovery & Proposal

First, we understand your business objectives and technical requirements to create an ideal solution.


5-Day Implementation

Next, we implement your secured SaaS infrastructure so that you’re up and running in 5 business days.


Cloud Partnership

Finally, we help manage your cloud infrastructure needs and advise you as your business grows.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Simple, Affordable Pricing

5-Day Implementation


Managed Service


Don’t see an option that works?
We offer custom pricing options.

* Managed service plan billed annually. Pay-as-you go options available.

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Make a Great First Impression With Every App

Make a Great First Impression With Every App

How many go-to-market deadlines are you going to miss? How many cloud engineers are you going to hire before automating the process?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to redo weeks of work that could’ve been automated in 5 days. It’s time to stop worrying about your infrastructure limitations and start focusing on creating amazing applications that make a great first impression on the world.

With Waterbear Cloud, you get the piece of mind that your cloud environments are taken care of in advance. What’s more, you get a team of experts to help you grow.

What our clients have to say about us

What our clients
have to say about us

“As an entrepreneur with no experience in IT, I’m so happy to have found Waterbear Cloud. They were able to collaborate with my app developer and rapidly deliver a completed project. Whenever we have a question or need an adjustment, they’re super responsive.”

Scott Renyard
– Founder

“We have been extremely satisfied with Waterbear Cloud as an AWS support provider. They are very responsive to our needs and allow us to save money while resting assured that the back ends of our servers are secure.”

Ying Pang
– Owner

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We’ll learn more about your specific infrastructure needs
so that we can help you make the best decision for your business.

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