Automated AWS Cloud for SaaS

Simple, Scalable Cloud
Ownership in 5 days

Simple, Scalable
Cloud Ownership
in 5 days

Host your SaaS application in your own private AWS cloud in five business days with a team to help you grow.

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Growth-Ready SaaS Automation

SaaS Automation

You shouldn’t need to hire or build an entire software team in order to host a secure, cloud-based app on AWS.

For most SaaS applications, migrating or launching on AWS doesn’t require hiring a DevOps person or paying over $80k+ in managed services, it just requires the right tools.

Waterbear Cloud’s automated infrastructure deployment gives you a pre-tested, secure solution that can scale and adapt with the demands of your business.

Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef?

No Infrastructure limitations

Growth-ready cloud automation gives you an AWS best-practices infrastructure that is secure, flexible, scalable and hosted in your own private AWS cloud.

Start saving money immediately

Stop paying for escalating shared infrastructure fees and find out what’s costing you money. You can save over $1000/month immediately.

Zero downtime

Add and scale your infrastructure without having to redo and re-architect from the ground up. CI/CD Pipelines give you automated deployments with zero downtime.

Redefining Cloud Services

Cloud Services


At Waterbear Cloud, we’re a team of software developers who’ve been in the industry for over 25 years working with small to large enterprise businesses with performance and security needs, with 5 years of real world AWS experience.


We created our unique automated cloud solution, Paco, to solve a problem that we saw in the industry; a problem that most growing SaaS businesses face today…Paying tens of thousands of dollars for the same managed cloud service work over and over again.


Our unique solution eliminates all of that unnecessary work, saves you thousands, and helps you migrate from a shared infrastructure to your own secure account on the AWS Cloud in five business days, all for a fraction of the cost.

Your AWS Launch Plan

Your AWS
Launch Plan

We keep things simple and ensure that you’re getting a pre-tested solution
that will work out of the box without limitations.


Discovery & Proposal

First, we understand your business objectives and technical requirements to create an ideal solution.


Running in 5-Days

Next, we implement your secured SaaS infrastructure so that you’re up and running in 5 business days.


Cloud Partnership

Finally, we help manage your cloud infrastructure needs and advise you as your business grows.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Simple, Affordable Pricing

5-Day Implementation


Managed Service


Don’t see an option that works?
We offer custom pricing options.

* Managed service plan billed annually. Pay-as-you go options available.

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Cloud As Your Biggest Asset

Cloud as Your Biggest Asset

How many months are you going to allow your Heroku bills to pile up?

How many months will you remain non-compliant hoping that you don’t run into security issues?

How many go-to-market deadlines are you going to keep pushing back because you’re spending too much time on infrastructure?

Your cloud infrastructure shouldn’t be your biggest liability holding you back, it should be your biggest asset!

With Waterbear Cloud’s automated cloud infrastructure you can stop worrying about your infrastructure and start focusing on growing your business.

What our clients have to say about us

What our clients
have to say about us

“As an entrepreneur with no experience in IT, I’m so happy to have found Waterbear Cloud. They were able to collaborate with my app developer and rapidly deliver a completed project. Whenever we have a question or need an adjustment, they’re super responsive.”

Scott Renyard
– Founder

“We have been extremely satisfied with Waterbear Cloud as an AWS support provider. They are very responsive to our needs and allow us to save money while resting assured that the back ends of our servers are secure.”

Ying Pang
– Owner

Book a Discovery Call Now

Book a Discovery Call Now

Book a free 20-min discovery call with a Waterbear Cloud expert.

We’ll learn more about your specific infrastructure needs so that we can
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Simple, Scalable Cloud Ownership in Five Days.

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