AWS Solutions = Waterbear + Automation

AWS Solutions =

Waterbear + Automation

Using our expertise and growth ready automation, you can avoid the grunt work and get back to building your business.

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Let your journey to the cloud begin with us

We are AWS cloud solution experts solving business problems using growth ready automation technology.


We are a team of seasoned professionals capable of leading, architecting, and project managing AWS cloud projects of any size.

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Introducing Prescribed Automation for Cloud Orchestration: Paco. It’s our growth ready automation technology.

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As AWS experts, we have the experience and technology to grow and scale your business.

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Gain the benefits of growth ready automation

Support your business with cloud technology that delivers resilient infrastructure on time and on budget.


Provision environments in predictable ways with pre-generated, pre-tested infrastructure code.

Manage with ease

Modify environments with high-level configuration and allow the automation to manage the rest.


Grow and scale your infrastructure without refactoring your automation solution.

Get to production on time

Tighten up the release cycle and get to market faster using infrastructure as code automation.

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We are in this together

Our goal is to help you succeed along your cloud journey from recommendations to implementation and into the future with ongoing support.

Discovery & Recommendations

Solving business challenges means working closely with you to understand your technical problems and recommend robust cloud strategies that avoid common pitfalls.

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Leap from reference architectures to functioning environments in lightning speed with the help of our automation technology.

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Ongoing Services & Support

Customize your support with on-going infrastructure management, custom DevOps, and our suite of Paco products.

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